Christmas Abbott - CrossFit and NASCAR Queen with Thirteen Tattoos and Counting

Christmas is not a nickname, I was born pretty close to Christmas and they had a different name picked out for me but when I was born my mom was like this is my Christmas joy and that is what she literally named me.

Christmas Abbott Pistol Tattoo on Right Hip
( Christmas Abbott Pistol Tattoo on Right Hip )

I love changing tyres and I will never stop. Given all the women in the man's world, you know they are given something to be on their toes about, but it’s been one of the most challenging things of my life. The guys at Motorsport’s - those guys are studs, and they were just really welcoming and I intend on going back.

Christmas Abbott Beautiful Tattoos
( Christmas Abbott Beautiful Tattoos )

I got my first tattoo when I was Fifteen, I love creating them sitting with artist and seeing something that represents part of you & your life come to life and am proud of all of my work. Every one of them is a very significant piece of my life. My calf I started with a weeping pillow, I used to play in the Umbrellas as a child and I remember being 8 years old walking through the park and pretending I was like a little princess and that was my castle.

On my right hand is my brother’s name, his birth state and his birthday. On my left hand is my Sisters name, her birth state and her birthday.

When I was thirteen -  my sister and myself were in pretty severe Car Accident, it rolled seven times and flipped twice. I can pull passion from that accident and I have been able to give myself a second chance meaning that I found a passion for life through CrossFit. And it was me making the decision that I wanted something better for my life. Competition in CrossFit is just such a through, its like YESSSS, you have to go through a lot of hard work, A lot to get there. You know your soul was put into it and its the most amazing community I have ever been involved in.

(Lindsay North) - She has got to be one of the most motivated and inspiring people I will ever met in my entire life. She has just this mini-fire inside that just explodes just like little bombs and just go off.

When operation Iraqi Freedom had begun I went overseas and worked in Iraq, before I went to Iraq I was very Anti-Gun person and then I went over & I had to learn how to use a gun - safely and properly and I really enjoyed it so I got my pistol on my right hip.

The Tattoo on my Arm is my Goddess, very welcoming as she has her left hand out in the open but in the other hand she has a big sword... So saying - " Hi, I will be nice but don't cross me."

Christmas Abbott Compass Tattoo
( Christmas Abbott Compass Tattoo )

(Lindsay North) - Her Compass Tattoo on her side is what Christmas and where she has been in her life and all the things she have gone through. I think that would probably define her the most because she always knows in which direction she is going.

It also has a quote that not all who realm are lost and it just helps me remember that I have short time on earth and that it is what I make it.

You know that more of the things that I want to show about tattoos that you can have beautiful tattoos and break any glass ceiling that you want.