Christmas Abbott Interviewed at CrossFit Games 2013

Christmas Abbott was there at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games and was interviewed by some journalists about her journey till date, her diet plan and her upcoming plans.

Find out how she answers about her upcoming plans at NASCAR, Christmas Abbott's Diet plan and shows the love for her dog 'Fran' in the interview below.

Interviewer 1: So people want to know about the Christmas Abbott Diet, what does Christmas eat and maintain her figure with so much energy as always?

Abbott: A firm believe in so, I do Paleo Diet as often as I can which is just primal meets and I try & stay away from the process of fluids but during competition season I am trained so much that I need more calorie intake, so it’s important for me that I have a balance between Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats and I love FATS!!!.. Ha Ha ... So don't take that away from me.. and I do make sure that once or twice a week I getaway on a cheat just for my mental ability and to make sure that I don't deprive myself from the things that I emotionally want.

Interview of Christmas Abbott at CrossFit Games 2013

Interviewer 2: So am going to ask a question, if you are going to say.. Like hi - here I first.. (Give me a go)... Yeah... Go.

Abbott: Hi, I am Christmas Abbott here at the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Interviewer 2: So, I have a question about your background into being fit and healthy and you weren't always healthy as I read in your biography. So how did you change your life and get into CrossFit and being active ?

Abbott: Yeah, So I have a pretty bad lifestyle before my mid-twenties and to be honest it just started with making a decision that I wanted something better for myself, and that was the decision I made and from there I decided to quit smoking and then almost a year later I decided that I was going to start working out, and a year after that I started working out when I discovered "CrossFit" - I decided to change my eating habits. So, it was a long process for me but it just started with a decision to want something better for me.

Interviewer 2: And what do you tell someone who thinks it’s too late for them to change ?

Abbott: It’s never too late!!! It’s never too late ... My mother was in her Fifties when she quit smoking and she has not smoke from about Thirty years and she is a true inspiration for me, and she just started CrossFitting about two years ago, so it’s never.. Never too late. I think she is a true testimate to where you can be anywhere in your life and make a decision of making a better life for you.

Interviewer 2: Absolutely, Thanks!
Abbott: Thanks.. I wish she was here

Interviewer 3: Alright, My question is how you got into all this NASCAR stuff in changing tyres and the whole gig. How did transition from CrossFit to NASCAR happen?

Abbott: Actually, I got into NASCAR via CrossFits... So, a couple of my friends that are CrossFitter’s were going upto Charlotte for a weekend to be able to potentially able to sponsor races as they are head of companies, and I got invited for a pit-crew challenge and I whooped their butt in hitting lug nuts. And from there it was just something... it was such a great experience that much like my First CrossFit Workout where I didn't knew what happened but I knew that I wanted to that again to this where I didn't understand the hitting lug nuts but I knew that I wanted to do them more about it and that opened the door. Just going on a Whim!!!

Interviewer 4: So, I just wanted to know about the New BOX that you are opening up ? Intel's about that like when you are opening and what your favorite Ward is as well.

Abbott: Oh Man!, So am not sure when the new box is going to open as some things are in the process right now and I am very Hands-On owner and Hands-On person and I have not been able to be there as much as I wanted to so it’s taking a little bit longer, so it’s yet to be determined for the opening date. Favorite Ward, that is like asking you your favorite desert... So am a big fan of Classic Girls and you can never go wrong with FRAN – that’s my dog name, actually I named my dog after their workouts. I really love Helen and Diane, those are the TOP THREE and I kind of keep them rotating around depending on how am feeling that day... Thanks

So this was the Interview of Christmas Abbott at the CrossFit Games 2013, she is now an Official Front Tyre lug nut changer at NASCAR and you can see lots of her picture’s here on the right.