Christmas Abbott Biography In Her Own Words !!!

Christmas Abbott is the rising star of the NASCAR crew pit, she has recently joined as front tire changer and this is a short biography of her life in her own words.

Christmas Abbott Biography In Her Own Words !!!


I am Christmas Abbott and I grew up in Lynchburg Virginia.
I am one of the Level 1 CrossFit Headquarter Seminar Staff. I also own CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh, North Carolina and I am currently training to become a NASCAR Pit Crew Member.

You know my mom is my biggest fan, she has been a big influence on me and my dad is kind of like amazing runagate. It’s cool because My family's always taught me to listen to my heart and listen to my intuition, so I went over to see this poor job opportunity which my mom suggested that I took as she was there working. She said Christmas you are going to love this, you know you can pay for a school and I was in college at that time eating noodles regularly and I went-over.

When I was in Iraq, It just made me realize how much of an opportunity I have in the United States and how fortunate I am to be here, and that I can really do anything that I want with my life & it’s upto me and they are the ones that are protecting that from me.
So I stayed four years and worked my way up into the selfless management. I felt to be to where I am because I am passionate about what I do and with CrossFit I don't know how can you not love it.

This month is my 7 year anniversary with CrossFit and it’s pretty incredible that I am still as passionate about it as I was in that first two week frenzy.

I was thinking about my life and I can say that I have lived a very unusual life. I was never in a way of shy in trying new things, with that CrossFit has really helped me in develop that  - inner being and self-worth ultimately, that allows me to try new things and not just try it but really.. if it scares me then I absolutely have to try it. And in something that of all the things I have been most scared of in my life have been the ones that have really changed my life - they are the huge milestones in my life. And CrossFit has been one of them and "It’s seeing these smaller steps leading to this huge monumental life changes" - that what CrossFit sums up for me... It’s not just accomplishing up your first muscle up, it’s getting through the door for the first time and doing your first workout and really just breaking it down to one repetition at a time, and without it transitions into your life where you can just try one day, one day let’s just give it a try and if it doesn't work out then am a firm believer that you try it again just in-case.

Christmas Abott with her cute dog Fran

Fran !!!.., Oh Fran - she is a little wrinkle face monster.
I got Fran four and a half years ago and I actually got her from a breeder, so I actually know her from the very first day when she was born before I took her home and she is kind of like my life now. She is strange, perky, little demanding, little bossy and loves to eat, makes a lot of weird noises, has a little bit of breathing thing going on all the time. She is Fran... she is not that terrifying.

Christmas Abbott Nascar
I love changing tires... it’s kind of... you know the adrenaline running in front of our car and then having the car sweep by you fifty-sixty miles an hour behind you and it’s just literally two feet of safety, Work is going to get done and it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be a heck of fun-time.

When I hear the word Air-Gun or specifically the sound that like... wheeling scream… which wants to make me want to go fast. It's like hearing 3, 2, 1 ... Go !!!

It’s really cool, it makes me want to live things, throw things and be getting DIRTY...

I have been able to live everyday going to the workout and trying side pull which is what I want to be best for me which has got me to the level I AM AT and it doesn't have to be anything that has been created before because I am finding my own.

It would be really amazing to get to the CUP LEVEL but if another girl gets there and is able to perform at that level.. Then hell yeah - Good for Her. I just want to be able to play too,